NEW Fortnite Save The World Duplication Glitch


There is a new duplication/dupe glitch in Fortnite Save The World.

The bug is exploiting the new mechanic from the recent update, in which crafting materials will be refunded when destroying buildings in your SSD (Storm Shield Defence).

Please note that it is at your own responsibility if you use the glitch, as there is a risk that your account will get banned from EPIC games.

Fortnite Save The World Dupe Glitch

How to duplicate items and materials in Fortnite STW

The thing you have to do is load into one of your SSD’s (Storm Shield Defences), it does not matter which one.

Build a ramp up, I recommend that you build about 10 ramps up. Build a big platform on top and place the traps that you want to duplicate materials for.

Make sure everything is only held up by one structure (the ramp).

Go down to the bottom of the platform.

Destroy the one structure that holds everything up, such that it will start destroying the structures and refund you the materials, right after you quickly leave the game!

It is important that you are quick to leave the game right after you destroy the supporting structure.

This will return all the materials for the things you build, but since you are leaving the game, Fortnite will not have registered that the buildings got destroyed.

Join back into your SSD, and you will see everything is still there (besides a few pieces of the ramp), but you were still refunded all the materials from the structures and traps.

Fortnite STW how to dupe


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