GTA Online Mod Menu

GTA Online is a dangerous place to be without a mod menu. This mod menu for GTA Online and GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto Online & Grand Theft Auto V), has a bunch of cool features to let you protect yourself against other modders and also give you a lot of benefits. It has all the recovery options you will ever need and a lot of protection mods. A mod menu can be considered the same as a hack or cheat.

To mention a few, this mod menu features; recovery mod, set your level and rank, set your money, give all abilities, give all unlocks, money drop, vehicle spawner, teleport anywhere, change model, giefing mods, object spawner, protection, block other modders, kick players in lobby, teleport players, play music, and much much more. The full feature list can be found below.

In-Game Mod Menu Screenshots

GTA Online Mod Menu Hacks GTA Online Mod Menu Hacks GTA Online Mod Menu Hacks

GTA Online Mod Menu Features

  • Online
  • Self
  • Weapon
  • Vehicle
  • Teleport
  • Object
  • World
  • Misc
  • Recovery
    • Rank
    • Unlocks
    • Misc
  • Protection
    • Network Events
    • Presence Events
    • Script Events
    • Entity Blocker
    • Responses
    • Misc

How to Install GTA Online Mod Menu

Just download the mod menu below and open the program. No further installation required.

How to use GTA Online Mod Menu

You can either start GTA Online with the mod menu, or you can inject the mod menu after you started the game.

After the mod menu has been injected into the game, you just open the menu by pressing F4. You can then navigate the menu with your arrow keys.

Download links below.

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