Creator: Merccy2

PolyLoader randomizer.


PolyLoader is a program that open programs (hacks), randomizes the source code, and then compiles it again. This process results in a program/hack that is very hard for VAC to detect because the signature is changed in the process.


How to use PolyLoader

  1. Download Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop
  2. Download PolyLoader
  3. Open PolyLoader with Admin rights
  4. Select the file (hack)
  5. Press compile

Check out this guide on YouTube.



Error: “Something went wrong when compiling the randomized source!”.
Solution: Press the “View compiler output” checkbox and post the data of the console that opens.

Error: “Access denied”.
Solution: Run PolyLaoder as admin.

How to use VMProtect/Enigma etc.:
First, you have to generate a .exe file using the loader, for example, “PolyHack_RT.exe”. Now you can protect “PolyHack_RT.exe”.


File Password:

VAC Status: read more.

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