Tfue’s Tfault Scrims


In this guide, we will explain how you can join FaZe Tfue’s Fortnite scrim Discord server, also called Tfault Scrims. The scrims are also sometimes referred to as Peen scrims and the server, the Peencord.

In this Discord server, a lot of pro players from mainly North America gather to compete and practice against in other in so-called pro scrims (a scrim is a scrimmage/skirmish match).

How to join Tfault Scrims

Please note, Tfault scrims are for PC players in NA. They do not host scrims for other platforms or regions at the moment.

What do you need?

A Twitch account + a Discord account. Both can be made for free.

There are no requirements to join the server, other than spending a few bucks on subscribing to one of the following streamers:

  • FaZe Tfue
  • FaZe Cloak (Cloakzy)
  • FaZe Nate Hill
  • Liquid Chap
  • Liquid 72hrs
  • FaZe Tennp0

You have to subscribe to one of these streamers on If you have Amazon prime, you can use your 1 free prime subscription as well.

After you subscribed to one of the above streamers, you have to wait for up to two hours, for Discord to register your subscription.

First, link your Twitch account to your Discord account in the Discord app. You do this by opening up Discord, go to settings and Connections and from there you can link the two accounts.

After you have subscribed, there can go up to two hours and then the server should appear in the same place where you linked your accounts (Discord -> Settings -> Connections).

Tfault Scrims & Peen Scrims Rules

When you compete in Tfault Scrims, you are required to follow the rules:

  • Default skin required
  • No storm pushing
  • No TTV/YT/Twitch/YouTube in your in-game name (or streamer mode enabled)
  • No stream sniping
  • Teammate has to be in Discord as well
  • Verify and link your EPIC account

That’s it, hope you enjoy this guide.